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The City of San José is situated in Santa Clara County. San José is a large city, covering nearly 180 square miles and being home to over 1,000,000 residents. Being the large city that it is, San José is covered by numerous zip codes, which are as follows: 95101, 95102, 95103, 95106, 95108, 95109, 95110, 95111, 95112, 95113, 95114, 95115, 95116, 95117, 95118, 95119, 95120, 95121, 95122, 95123, 95124, 95125, 95126, 95127, 95128, 95129, 95130, 95131, 95132, 95133, 95134, 95135, 95136, 95137, 95138, 95139, 95141, 95142, 95148, 95150, 95151, 95152, 95153, 95154, 95155, 95156, 95157, 95158, 95159, 95160, 95161, 95164, 95170, 95171, 95172, 95173, 95190, 95191, 95192, 95193, 95194, and 95196.

But more importantly than being the 3rd most populous city in California, San José is the cultural epicenter of Silicon Valley, offering endless fun for residents and tourists alike! Some of the attractions in this area include the public art displays in the downtown area, the beautiful local parks, and the shows put on by the many performing arts companies including Opera San José and Ballet San José Silicon Valley. There's also, of course, the booming nightlife! If you are coming into the San José area in the coming weeks, be sure to visit at least one or two of these wonderful bars and restaurants! Your trip won't be complete without a night on the town!

Fahrenheit Restaurant & Lounge - CLOSED

We hope you'll be able to make time to check out Fahrenheit Restaurant & Lounge while you're here! This is a top choice for those who enjoy upscale spots to dine and drink, but if you're never been there we can tell you that we have had many pleasant experiences here. We'd very highly recommend their martinis! They're fantastic! We love their prix fixe menu, and their eclectic style of fusion food! Everything here is prepared with the utmost attention to detail, from the freshest ingredients, and it just tastes so good! You can find Fahrenheit Restaurant & Lounge on East San Fernando Street between South 3rd Street and South 2nd Street. Very highly recommended!

Original Joe's Restaurant

One of the most classic places to visit in the San Jose area is Original Joe's Restaurant, also known to the regulars as simply OJ's! If you're in the mood for food that's a mix up of Italian and American favorites, or if you just like good home cooking, you'll enjoy Original Joe's! Some of the key menu items are their spaghetti, garlic fries, pesto, and any of their soups and sandwiches. The portions are really huge here too! The desserts are decadent, with the salted caramel gelato and chocolate explosion cake are our two favorites! OJ's has a very romantic atmosphere as well. You'll be able to locate Original Joe's Restaurant on South 1st Street between East San Carlos and East San Salvado.

McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurant

We really love coming to McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurant whenever we're in San Jose. McCormick & Schmick's serves fine quality food, made with fresh ingredients you'll taste in every bite. There is such a wide variety of choices here form fried calamari to sushi, and everything is made with so much care for quality and taste! Even their corn on the cob is something special! We admit we've actually just ordered sides like the corn on the cob bc they're all so good! We're very happy with everything on the menu and would recommend this restaurant to anyone! McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurant is located at 170 S Market St right here in San Jose! It's near the corner of S Market St and Paseo De San Antonio!

Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant

Hands down, one of the greatest restaurants in this large city is Gordon Biersch Brewery! There's a little big of everything here, and we can't think of a word to describe it better than simply "outstanding!" Their specially brewed beer is comforting, and so unique, and their cocktails, like the San Francisco Lemonade, are perfect. Every time we come in they impress us even more than the time before. GBB is an ideal choice for everything from lunch out on the patio, a drink at the bar, or a special family dinner! We love the cajun pasta and the garlic fries, and kids will love the personal cheese pizzas! For dessert, the bread pudding is incredible! Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant on East San Fernando Street near South 2nd Street. Don't miss it!

E&O Trading - CLOSED

We still remember the first time we went to E&O Trading because we were instantly hooked! E&O is an upscale and romantic place for dinner, but it's also just a lovely restaurant where you can enjoy a special dinner with a group, whether you're celebrating a birthday, a promotion, or just that it's the weekend! This Asian Fusion style of cooking is really addictive, and if you manage to make it through the large portions leaving you with no leftovers to take, you might find yourself ordering a to-go dish for later! Yes, it's that's good. Try the calamari and the lettuce cups! The mushroom dumplings are also amazing. You can find E&O Trading on S First Street in San Jose's 95113 zip!

Left Bank Brasserie

Our favorite place for French food is Left Bank Brasserie, and we're so happy they have this amazing San Jose location. The service at this restaurant is really outstanding, truly caring and accommodating. The entire staff is so caring and kind, and we always enjoy chatting with them. Our favorite thing about LBB is that we can enjoy outstanding French cuisine in a casual, comfortable setting. Their salads are all so fresh and the house made vinaigrette is delicious, and the risotto is our favorite. For dessert we always get the chocolate molten cake. The biggest draw of all, however, are the impressive cocktails! We're partial to the vodka concoctions. Be sure to visit them at 377 Santana Row in suite 1100!

Falafel's Drive In

Falafel's Drive In is perhaps the longest standing restaurants in the neighborhood, having been established in 1966! Falafel's specializes in traditional Middle-eastern cuisine! It's the food we all love - kababs, gyros, pitas, and, of course, falafel! They also serve things like fries and onion rings. Although the food is incredible, one of the main reasons that we're so hooked on this restaurant is the unbelievable service, the fun atmosphere, and of course the delicious menu items and unique flavors. The falafel sandwiches and the gyros are the best! The location of Falafel's Drive In on Stevens Creek Boulevard between Revey Avenue and MacArthur Avenue.

Henry's Hi-Life

Sometimes you just need to get out of the house and get a good drink and unwind after a long work week or just a long day! And that's when Henry's Hi-Life has got you covered. It's a really fun and funky place to dine, and we couldn't recommend it to you any more highly than we do! This restaurant has been featured on the popular TV show Man Vs Food, and that's only one of many reasons that we recommend it so highly to you. The taste of the food is addictive and the service is really wonderful too. The ribs are our favorite! 301 West Saint John Street is the location of Henry's Hi-Life, and we definitely recommend that you pay them a visit!

Sonoma Chicken Coop

It's true that San Jose has a lot of good restaurants in and around it, but one of our absolute favorites is Sonoma Chicken Coop. It's nothing fancy to look at, but that's secondary to the great food that they serve here, and we've never had anything but a positive experience! This has got to be one of the very best restaurants in the area in terms of the food and the service. Between the Chicken and Shrimp Piccata and the draft beers, and of course the incredible outdoor seating and the personalized service, what more could you ask for? You can find Sonoma Chicken Coop conveniently on North Market Street between West Saint John Street and West Santa Clara Street. So great!

Agenda Restaurant & Lounge

When you're visiting the San Jose area, be sure to try Agenda Restaurant & Lounge. Agenda's is easily among the best live jazz venues we've ever been to, and we know that you'll feel the same way about it that we do. There's always such incredible musicians performing here and it creates such a wonderful ambiance. Whether you're just enjoying the music and drinks or if you're ready to order an appetizer, entrée, and dessert, you'll be pleased with your time here. With high quality food and really great drinks, there's no wonder that Agenda is always packed with happy customers. You'll be able to locate Agenda Restaurant & Lounge on South 1st Street between East San Carlos Street and East San Salvador Street. Don't miss this one!

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