Our most common questions.  

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Being a leading transportation company we handle issues all the time. Problem solving is a huge part of our party bus and limousine service, think about how much effort you spend maintaining your personal vehicle, your home theater set up and the challenges of your last customer service job, now imagine the upkeep of an entire fleet of vehicles each with tons of electronics while also working with customers in a courteous manner. Making sure your concerns are handled professionally and promptly gets you into your luxury vehicle faster. We adore how communicative our customers are with our company. We love how much you chime in to us regarding your party bus or limousine. Due to high volumes of requests from how large San Francisco is, we had to find a way to expedite the answers our clients are seeking. We are also always looking for ways to better serve our clients. Party Bus San Francisco has no problem with providing assistance. However, in our experience with providing party buses and limousine we've discovered there's a pattern in the party bus and limousine concerns you have. As a resulted, we've culminated the mot common party bus and limousine requests we receive and we've included them in this page. More than likely you can find your party bus and limousine answers right here. Peruse through the list of questions to find if yours is on here. Party Bus San Francisco is all about transparency in regards to our party buses and limousines. In that aspect, we answer your questions very throughly. This way, you have a very clear understanding of how the party bus and limousine procedures work out here. It's completely human to have questions that need to be answered. Everything cannot be answered in a website no matter how informative it is. Thoughts lead to ideas which lead to questions. We want you to come to us with an inquisitive mind. It allows the opportunity to show off our party bus and limousine knowledge. Not to brag, but we are very knowledgeable about what we do. You should take a moment to glance at the list of questions below. Try to see if yours is included.

If your question isn't below, connect with Party Bus San Francisco. Chances are other people have asked a similar question as well. In the event we're asked a question enough times, we'll go ahead and put it in the list of party bus and limousine questions below. Sharing information is beneficial to everyone, so we like to give people knowledge about our party buses and limousines. Here's a look into the questions we get asked most frequently when it comes to our services. We are always available to answer your questions, so if yours isn't answered below, give us a call and we'll be glad to help you get the answers you need.

Q. How do you bill overages?

A. If you happen to go over, we charge in 15 minute increments so you'll never be overcharged for the time you use. These 15 minute increments are portions of your original hourly party bus or limousine quote. Ending the party can sometimes be difficult. This is considerably true when you take into account everything San Francisco has to offer. Party Bus San Francisco has no issue with providing you additional time in your party bus or limousine. There are no additional fees for having an overage in your party bus or limousine. Just think of the additional time as 1/4 of the price you've paid. A quarter of an hour is 15 minutes. Whatever a quarter of your quote is per hour, that is what the additional time for your party bus or limousine will be. Just add it on the the original price you were quoted for you party bus or limousine. Don't worry, you won't encounter any hidden fees for going over your time in your party bus or limousine. Send a shout out to Party Bus San Francisco now so we can serve your awesome party bus or limousine.

Q. Is there smoking allowed?

A. Just like all of the bars and restaurants in California, our entire fleet is 100% smoke free. This allows us to keep our party buses and limousines as clean as possible. We need our luxury vehicles to be able to be used time and time again while looking brand new. Nobody wants to get in something that feels used and beat up. In order to protect the integrity of our limousines and buses we don't permit smoking in your party bus rental. As you know the smell of smoke is rather hard to remove. Since smoke tends to have a lingering after smell, we ask that you do not smoke in our sedans, stretch limos or party buses. We need for everyone to be able to get luxury transportation service from our party buses and limousines. Smoking in your party bus or limousine hinders this from happening. If you or any of your limousine or party bus guests would like to smoke, we're more than happy to accommodate you. Let the party bus or limousine driver know and they will pull over to the side. This way you can have your smoke session without damaging the party bus or limousine. We appreciate your cooperation with our non smoking policy. Thank you! Set your reservation date asap to receive an incredible party bus or limousine. We'll be waiting for you.

Q. Do you travel out of California?

A. We service all of California with party buses and limousines, but as of now we do not travel outside of the state. Give our booking agents a call for more information.

Q. What hours do you operate?

A. We operate 24 hours, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year for your convenience. No matter when the notion strikes you to reserve a party bus or limousine, someone will be here to service you. People's events end pretty late usually. With that being said, there always has to be someone in the office. Sine there's always someone in the office, that means you will always be able to reach us about our car service. Party Bus San Francisco is nocturnal. We know you're not always able to handle things during the day. Some people need time in the evening to be able to handle things. That's totally cool with us. We're always here to answer your questions and provide you with service!

Q. What condition does the bus need to be in at the end of the night?

A. Upon your service ending we expect the vehicles to be left in the same condition they were when starting. We collect your deposit for this reason. Wild times happen however you still need to respect the party buses and limousines. You did not find your party bus or limousine trashed therefore you should not leave it in a wrecked manner upon its return. If your party bus or limousine is found to be in ill condition after your event, you will not receive your deposit that you paid to us. The deposit allows for us to handle repairs at your expense and not ours since YOU damaged the party bus or limousine. If you want to get your deposit back from Party Bus San Francisco, you need to make sure you return our party buses and limousines in the same condition that you found them. You can get your deposit for your party bus or limousine back the next day if you comply with this rule. You can find more information about this in your contract after your reservation is completed. Our agents are ready to help you now with a party bus or limousine.

Q. Can I bring alcoholic beverages?

A. You can bring alcoholic beverage on your party bus or limousine. It would defeat the purpose of installing a bar area in our buses and limos if we did not allow you to drink on them. However you are responsible for stocking it with alcoholic beverages. Everyone who is drinking must be of legal drinking age in the state of California. Party Bus San Francisco does not encourage underage drinking. We want everyone to abide by the rules and state law when it comes to alcohol on our party buses. It would suck for us to have to halt your fun for non-compliance. Get your party bus and limousine now and enjoy the bar areas!

Q. Does the buses come with a stocked bar?

A. We only provide a cooler with ice on our San Francisco party bus. We do not have a liquor license to provide drinks to you with alcohol. You must bring your own drinks to your party bus or limousine. You won't have to worry about bringing cups or ice since the party bus or limousine you get will already have it available. You just make sure to remember the refreshments when getting on board our stylish vehicle. Should you forget, or just need more, your chauffeur will be happy to find a store nearby for you. Have fun experience in a luxurious party bus or limousine presented to you by Party Bus San Francisco. Operators are always available to set up reservations with you.