San Francisco's best party buses. 

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A small sample of our vehicles

Party Bus San Francisco has a fleet of fantastic vehicles to accommodate your journey in San Francisco, no matter what it entails! You'll find that our vehicles are the best in the area with polished exteriors and modern features to keep you and your guests entertained throughout the night. When it comes to quality and style, our San Francisco Party Buses cannot be beat. Party Bus San Francisco has cultivated our approach to providing party buses and limousines. We have jam-packed our party bus rentals with the proper equipment to deliver the environment that you are tying to create. The party buses and limousines sent out by us are first-rate and offer you an exciting and delicious social while being lifted to your destination.

Our Vehicles all include:
  • LCD screen HDTV
  • Very loud sound system with subwoofers
  • Bar tops with coolers
  • Stainless steel dancing pole
  • Fiber Optic/LED Mood Lighting
  • iPod/AUX sound connection
  • Luxurious leather perimeter seating
  • Deluxe flooring surfaces

Party Bus San Francisco can keep you entertained forever with our deluxe party buses and limousines. Our company finesses our fleet of party buses and limousines with a tasty mix of things that set up the attitude of your event. Seats wrapped in supreme leather covering integrates the feel of divine treatment to your experience. Regardless of what you're doing in our luxury limousines and limo buses you'll feel good in the process. Party Bus San Francisco also keeps tinted windows on all of our party buses and limousines. Tinted windows are how we conceal the person hood of everyone in style. People behave differently in their personal environment than they do in their professional environment. Your image and word are almost all that you have in this world. We want you your image to still be how you left it after leaving your party bus or limousine. We would hate to have someone of importance in your life see you while you explore the fun possibilities our party buses and vehicles supply. We've had countless trips where people have had a frenzy on the way to their event. There's also been many trips that have a classy get together on board as well. Switch things up and see what kind of environment you can spark in your rented vehicle. There's so much inside of our party buses and limousines for you to take advantage of. Tinted windows and leather seating are only a piece of the features supplied in our chauffeured limousine rentals. Everyone loves bass. Some people like bass because of the booming quality that it has. Others enjoy it simply for the depth of sound it contains. Our might audio systems ooze all the bass filled sound you want. Complete your party bus or limousine trip by filling it with your sounds in stellar quality. Party Bus San Francisco has designed our sound system to be capable of playing different forms of media as well. The sound systems are all equipped with CD players for those who prefer them. You will also discover audio ports readily there for you to attach your mobile devices and jam.

Your party buses and limousines have been well thought out to present you with elite comfort and privilege. Apply the specialty bar areas in all of our party buses and limousines and you're in for a huge amount of fun. You have to bring your own liquor to our party buses and limousines. Outside of that stipulation, Party Bus San Francisco has what you need for your refreshments. All of our party buses and limousines are lined with cups and ice for your beverages. You can bring juice and pop as well. We'll keep those nice and cold for you too. Party bus San Francisco supports fun times and things you may remember forever. Moreover, there's televisions on the insides of our luxury limousine buses. They're high definition and huge. On top of that you can even watch what you want. An HD antenna allows you to see TV live while you ride through San Francisco in your party bus or limousine. DVD and BluRay players are additional conveniences that make your party bus and limousine gatherings entertaining. You supply the content. We'll be able to play it in our advanced media centers. Take a look at some of our vehicles, choose your favorite, and give us a call to set up the reservation!