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With just about 55,000 residents this is a fun place to spend some time. You may want to check out StoneTree Golf Club, the Marin Museum of American Indian History, or perhaps Shaffer's High Sierra Camp. There are many attractions in the area. Whatever brings you to the 94945, 94947, 94948, 94949, and 94998 zip codes, make sure to take a peek at some of our most loved places. We've tried most of them several times, and all of them at least twice, and they are all so wonderful! Very highly recommended. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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WildFox Mesquite Fired Kitchen

WildFox Mesquite Fired Kitchen... just the name of this restaurant starts our mouths watering! The atmosphere here is really fun and friendly, just like the waitstaff that make it all so worthwhile. Of course the pièce de résistance is the food itself, and it is wildly varied and really flavorful. Our favorite thing on the menu has got to be the lamb, and all of their fresh fish dishes are divine. You will certainly want to check out this fine restaurant whenever you are in the Novato area. You can find it on Alameda Del Prado near the intersection with Cielo Lane.

Hilltop 1892

Hilltop 1892 is a really fantastic restaurant, but we also love to take advantage of this venue for all our banquet needs. The House Smoked Duck Nachos are the big draw of the menu, and we have found ourselves coming back several times just for those. The Pecorino Budino also a huge favorite of the regulars, and we also really enjoy the Wild Mushroom Bruschetta. Of course a place this elegant and upscale is going to be a bit more expensive than the other selections on this list, but it's the perfect choice for those special occasions and you definitely get what you pay for here. You'll be able to locate Hilltop 1892 on Lamont Avenue between Clausing Avenue and Redwood Road.

Boca Steak

Boca Steak is one of the greatest steakhouses in the area as far as we are concerned, and after having many wonderful meals here, we feel very comfortable recommending it to you. It's got an elegant yet casual vibe that we really enjoy, and the portions are actually so generous that you will need to share your meal or take some home with you! They've got a really notable wine list too, and the prices aren't too out of this world! That's great. You can find Boca Steak at 340 Ignacio Boulevard.

Toast Restaurant

Toast Restaurant is a really cool and unique place to go for your American favorites. The ambiance is loved by some and hated by others, evoking a cafeteria type of feeling. We find it funky and interesting, but your mileage may vary! The service is very good here, and the food is just excellent. We love the fried chicken, which is golden and perfectly cooked, and the shortribs are also a noteworthy item on the menu. Good salads too, and a very nice beer selection! The location of Toast Restaurant is on Nave Drive near the intersection with North Hamilton Parkway.

The Viking Cocktail Lounge

The Viking Cocktail Lounge sets the bar for top divebar in Novato. Now, some people can appreciate a good dive bar and some people can't. If you can, then you will really enjoy this one. The plain gray exterior with the dark windows gives you a hint as to what you'll find inside. Let your eyes adjust to the darkness and you'll find a very comfortable bar, friendly bartenders, and great regulars who love to engage in interesting conversation with a new face like yours! We just love it here. You can find The Viking Cocktail Lounge on Redwood Boulevard near the intersection with Grant Avenue.

Rickey's Restaurant

Rickey's Restaurant is all about delicious food in a really romantic atmosphere. We love the wood accents and the rich decor. It's really beautiful establishment to bring your significant other for a night out. The food is made from the freshest and best ingredients, and weadore the clam chowder and the shrimp with angel hair pasta. The Tilapia Veracruz is one of our highest recommendations too. You'll be able to locate Rickey's Restaurant on Entrada Drive near Ignacio Lane.

China Palace

China Palace is the place to go in Novato if you want to enjoy some truly delicious Chinese food! We've been patrons for quite some time, and we enjoy the authentic style of the cooking, the comfortable and happy atmosphere, and best of all the incredible waitstaff! They are so friendly. The potstickers are to die for and we are happy to mention all their diet and vegetarian options when we're trying to stick to light and healthy things! And how about that delicious won ton soup? The whole menu is a hit. You can find China Palace on Redwood Boulevard near the intersection with Frontage Road.

Brown's Binyerd

Brown's Binyerd is one of the least pretentious bars around, and that's precisely why we love it so much. It's just a great place to come in and meet some new people, have a great beer on tap or in bottles, and even listen to some great live music at times. This is one of those neighborhood bars that has a special kind of charm all its own. Don't expect anything fancy, just a great bar and all the trappings, and you'll really enjoy yourself here. You'll be able to locate Brown's Binyerd on 1st Street between Vallejo Avenue and Grant Avenue.

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