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is a community that can be found within Marin County, with a very small population of just thirty residents. It was previously known as Woodville, and its location adjacent to the Point Reyes National Seashore and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area makes it a prime spot for vacations and day trips. When visiting the zip code of 94924, you will certainly want to try a few of these wonderful bars and restaurants in the area.

Nancy's Elk Horn Family Lodge

Nancy's Elk Horn Family Lodge is one of the most relaxing places to go in the Dogtown area, actually located in nearby Elk Creek, for some wonderful home cooked food and an ice cold beer. They're open for breakfast too, and we can't think of a better place to begin the day over some fluffy eggs and crisp bacon! If you're hunting in the area, this is the most perfect location to take a break from it all and get some great food and beer. Maybe even play some pool. Lots of relaxation potential here! You can find Nancy's Elk Horn Family Lodge at 2745 Country Road 306 in Elk Creek.

Black Bear Diner

Black Bear Diner is one of our favorite American restaurants near Dogtown, located in Willows. They've got some of the best sandwiches we've had in quite some time, and we keep finding ourselves here time and time again for great breakfasts, hearty lunches, and of course those delicious homemade pies! We would most highly recommend the chicken and avocado club sandwich, and our second choice would be the bleu cheese bacon burger! They've got great shakes and coffee here too. You can find Black Bear Diner on Humboldt Avenue near the intersection with Road 50 in Willows.

Casa Ramos Mexican Restaurant

Casa Ramos Mexican Restaurant is the best place in town for chile rellenos, and they've actually got a chile rellenos burrito that is to die for! You really haven't had Mexican food until you've tried one of those. Their margaritas are truly fantastic, very fresh and delicious. The pollo y mas is also an incredible dish that you'll want to try. The environment here is very clean and beautifully decorated, and the staff is so friendly and welcoming whether you're new to the area or a longtime customer. You will find Casa Ramos Mexican Restaurant on Humboldt Avenue near the intersection with West Wood Street in nearby Willows.

Round Table Pizza

Round Table Pizza is a California tradition as well as being a popular chain across the country, but we've been a big fan of the Willows location for quite some time now. Of course the name is a reference to King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, and their King Arthur Pizza is one of the best ones on the menu! Loaded with toppings and just bursting with flavor. They use just the right amount of sauce and cheese on top of a perfectly handmade crust. It doesn't get any better than this! Old fashioned pizza at its best. You can find Round Table Pizza on West Wood Street near the intersection with Humboldt Avenue in Willows.p>

Last Stand

Last Stand is a very cool outdoor bar, literally the last one left of its kind. The name is no coincidence -- that's exactly why they call it that. This is the spot that is so popular during the games, because you can just stop in quickly for a juicy burger and an ice cold beer. The people who work here are some of the friendliest that we have ever encountered, and we continue to come here time after time because of that and because of the high quality food and drinks! We just love it here. Can't possibly recommend it highly enough! You can find Last Stand on North Tehama Street between West Wood Street and Vine Street in Willows!

Nancy's Airport Cafe

Nancy's Airport Cafe is literally located at the airport in Willows, and it's one of the coolest and most comfortable places to go for a hot meal. Their specials mean that you can save a lot of money while enjoying your classic American favorites, including steaks, BLTs, meatloaf, and even great breakfast favorites like omelettes. They've also got a chicken fried steak that is too good to be believed! It's also a very convenient stop when you are visiting the nearby racetrack. You can find Nancy's Airport Cafe at 353 Country Road G in Willows!

Blue Wing Saloon & Cafe

Blue Wing Saloon & Cafe is instantly recognizable even from a distance with its bright blue exterior and familiar white letters announcing "BLUE WING" to the neighborhood. Just seeing that makes us want to walk right in and have a great time. Their food is fantastic, ranging from exotic touches like the risotto with sun dried tomatoes and goat cheese, to American favorites like wings and burgers. The salads are also fantastic, and we love the chicken cordon bleu! Gotta love it. You can find Blue Wing Saloon & Cafe at 9520 Main Street in Upper Lake!

Berry Patch Restaurant

Berry Patch Restaurant is a wonderful spot for Continental favorites and freshly barbecued items. The old school Americana vibe is something that we really love, and the service is equally old fashioned and high quality. We love the salads and sandwiches here the most, and the breakfasts are also fantastic. They've got a wide array of delicious desserts that are just perfect to finish off your meal too. You'll be able to locate Berry Patch Restaurant at 900 Newville Road, right near the intersection with 9th Street, in nearby Orland.

Old Highway 99 Steakhouse

Old Highway 99 Steakhouse is a true favorite for those who love a perfectly cooked steak. We definitely fall into that category, and as such we have spent many hours here enjoying their fine food! Every steak on the menu is fantastic, whether you opt for something that's more budget-conscious or something that would fall under the heading of luxury! One of the newer items on the menu is the spring salad, and we recommend that highly too. We love the rustic atmosphere and the wonderful service. You can find Old Highway 99 Steakhouse on South Tehama Street near the intersection with Elm Street, in nearby Willows.

Olive Pit

We think the name Olive Pit is such a cute and charming name for a restaurant, and the quality of this place happens to be out of this world. We always like to have their mocha milkshakes when we're here, and of course since they have such a wide selection of olives, we love to get a ton of them when we're herel. And how about that cashew butter? Wow, that is unbelievably good. The gift shop is very cool too, and you may want to pick up some of their fun gadgets while you're there. Much more than just a great restaurant, definitely a destination worth checking out when you're in the area. You can find Olive Pit on Solano Street between Toomes Avenue and Short Drive, in nearby Corning.

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