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is found within Sonoma County, and with just about seven thousand residents, it's one of the smaller to mid-sized communities in the San Francisco area. It is best known as the headquarters of the Cloverdale Rancheria of Pomo Indians of California, and it is also located in beautiful Wine country. It also happens to be a great place to go to find some really great food and drink! Be sure to check out some of these highly recommended restaurants and bars in the 95425 zip code while you're there!

La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant

La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant is simply charming. It's decorated in a bit of an over-the-top way, so you really feel like you've gone south of the border in a kind of kitschy way! We'd almost call it a theme restaurant. They've got the best chips and salsa in town, and all of their entrees and a la carte items are simply to die for. Our favorite would have to be the burritos! Wonderful service, and the restaurant is kept immaculately clean. You can find La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant on North Cloverdale Boulevard between Broad Street and 2nd Street!

Ruth McGowan's Pub

Ruth McGowan's Pub is one of the best brewpubs around. We love the staff here. They are so friendly and welcoming from the first moment that you walk in. Best of all are the garlic fries! No matter what we order here, we always make sure to get garlic fries with it. They are amazing. Of course they've got a fine selection of all the best microbrews and craft brews, and all your favorites too! Very comfortable atmosphere, clean and cozy. You can find this awesome pub on East 1st Street between North Cloverdale Boulevard and North Main Street.

Bear Republic Brewery

Bear Republic Brewery is another one of our favorite brewpubs in the area, and we love this one for the ice cold beer of course, in addition to the friendly service. The atmosphere is laid back and relaxed, and we love that you can see the tanks, plus the mash tun and brew kettle near the bar. It's surprisingly bright in here, kept clean and sparkling too, and the best thing of all is that this is the home of Racer 5. If you have not tried this excellent beer, it's time that you do. We think it's the best ever. You can find Bear Republic Brewery at 110 Sandholm Lane.


Piacere is a beautiful Italian eatery that features many delicious pastas, steaks, fish, and much more. We love the pasta with sausage, and it's got plenty of peppers and onions in it that really add to the delicious flavor. The ambiance is formal and elegant, and it's a wonderful place to spend those special anniversaries or to celebrate the bigger moments in life. You will want to check Piacere out on North Cloverdale Boulevard between University Street and School Street.

Pick's Drive-In

Pick's Drive-In is one of the greatest old school drive-ins that we've ever visited in California. They make some of the best shakes we've ever had, and truly fantastic root beer floats! There's nothing else quite like pulling into a stall, ordering your food, and then enjoying it right there in the car while you listen to the radio. We suggest oldies if you want to be truly authentic about it! The burgers are really fantastic here, and though some say they're overpriced, we strongly disagree. We'd rather pay a couple of bucks extra for a fantastic burger than settle for the usual fast food burgers! These are great. You can find Pick's Drive-In on South Cloverdale Boulevard near Lake Street.

Owl Cafe

Owl Cafe is one of our favorite little diners in the Cloverdale area. We love that everything here is homemade, and that really makes you feel like you've stopped in to visit a close family member rather than just another restaurant! The burgers are fantastic, and don't even get us started on those amazing breakfasts! Best eggs benedict in town! Wonderful coffee too, freshly ground for each and every pot! Truly comfortable atmosphere and a wonderful staff. You can find Owl Cafe on South Cloverdale Boulevard between Tarman Drive and South Franklin Street.

Mary's Pizza Shack

Mary's Pizza Shack has always been a wonderful spot to stop and have a hearty pizza. We love the pizza with garlic chicken and carmelized onions. Doesn't it even just sound heavenly? You can't even begin to imagine the taste. It's fantastic. We love the breadsticks here, and they're also famous for their salad dressing. Great pastas too! All your standard pizzeria favorites are here, with special touches that make them just a bit better than all the other places out there! Be sure to check out Mary's Pizza Shack when you're in Cloverdale, located on South Cloverdale Boulevard between Buck Road and Treadway Drive.

Josie's Star Cafe

Star is one of the greatest little diners in Cloverdale. We usually come here for the breakfast burritos because they are so much better than any we've had elsewhere! They're filled with fluffy eggs, perfectly cooked sausage, melted cheese, hearty hash browns, and creamy sour cream. So great. Their benedicts are fantastic too. You can find Josie's Star Cafe on South Cloverdale Boulevard between Lile Lane and El Ranch Drive.

Peking Palace - CLOSED

Peking Palace gets our vote for best Chinese restaurant in Cloverdale! Their hot and sour soup alone is a reason to seek this place out. It's that good! We also love their orange chicken and sesame chicken! And the fried rice is really fantastic. You cannot beat the prices for lunch here, and you'd be hard pressed to find a better Chinese restaurant even in the cities surrounding Cloverdale! This is truly one of the very best. You can find Peking Palace on South Cloverdale Boulevard between Lake Street and North Cloverdale Boulevard.

Tian Yuen Restaurant

Tian Yuen Restaurant is a wonderful Asian restaurant that brings many different flavors of the Orient to the table. Chinese seems to be the primary type, but there are also Vietnamese options and other choices that represent a wider spectrum of Southeast Asian tradition. We really enjoy their fresh rolls, and their skewered chicken is great too. Fantastic soups that really fill you up and satisfy your soul too. You will definitely want to check out Tian Yuen Restaurant on South Cloverdale Boulevard near Garden Circle Way.

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